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Wine is good

Wine is good

The new Cat Plant

The new Cat Plant

Cat is too busy to see you right now

Cat is too busy to see you right now


Well it looks like Greensmoke is pulling out of the Australian market? Not sure if the ban went through or if they are preempting the ban, shame they would not join the fight. If anyone can share information that would be great.

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WIll be working on the other reviews today, got the VV and 400mah kits to edit and upload. Then its the new clearomisers to sort out as well. Its going to be a busy day 

Ah well, it was worth a try…

Well with the Google adds in the videos not really paying well this year I have now removed them and will not be using this feature in future videos, good new for you as I know the ads can be a bit of a pain. I will however ask that you click my affiliate links on the blog to help fund the vape account so I can buy and review new vaping products. I will also add a PayPal donate button as well.

This is a very nice unit, the quality is very high and everything looks and feels A1 (apart from the selector which is made from plastic and should have been made from a light metal to really puts some class on this but it seems tough) The VW is very accurate and works very well with all the tanks and cartomizers I put on this. 

For me the 9 watts setting seemed the best but I will say the Auto mode did a very good job of giving a good vape on everything.

The guys also sent me a spare 18350 battery so I could try this MOD in the smaller mode and I will say it suited me better as I am not really into big mods, I know having a bigger battery gives a longer vape time but for me using the smaller 900mah battery felt more comfortable. I would like to this kit sold in a 18350 but you can buy the battery and do that yourself.

So we have a very high end device, thats VW only but many vapers I know tend to use VW over VV anyway.

The closest rival to this is the E-TOP c which is £49.99 and that has VW and VV also it has a display and ability to display the ohms on the display. 

The best way to look at this is to think of the units as cars, a cheap car will get you to where you want to go, but a expensive car will have things to make the journey more enjoyable and easier. 

So would I buy this, thats hard to say, I would like one but I feel its a tiny bit too expensive for the everyday vaper, but if you want the maxed out BMW vape you should go for this.

I Hate Being Sick…

DAMN YOU Cough and Cold!!! I DO NOT WANT THIS!!! I hate being sick, in fact it makes me sick… Pass the tablets and tissues 

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